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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

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Current Items of Interest

Wednesday Evening Gathering

Life Please join us for a different laid-back gathering opportunity. Doors open at 6:30 pm with a 7:00 pm start.

We spend some time in open fellowship, then share in a variety of learning, sharing, praise, and worship opportunities. It is a wonderful friendly place to come and enjoy time with other folks, seeking to recharge.

July 2014 Newsletter

Rev. Hanson will be on the WJTN Radio Chapel on July 13th, and is sponsored by the UMW. The program is on 1240 AM at 9:05 Sunday mornings. Praise God for those of you who have contributed to sponsoring Rev. Hanson on the Radio Chapel. If you would be interested in sponsoring a program, it costs just $27.00. This is not part of our budget, but is funded by sponsors. This is a vital ministry that touches so many who cannot make it to church but still want to hear the Word of God.

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Easter Celebration

The celebration of Easter is the Celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead. This is foundational to the Christian faith. We know from Paul’s letter to the Church of Rome Romans 6:23 that the wage of sin is death. All sinners are condemned to death (eternal separation form God). There is nothing we can do on your own, that will make up for your past sins. It is only by God’s grace that anyone is forgiven.

Because God is just, someone has to die to pay the debt we owe to God for our sinful nature. For the death be substitutionary and not to be for the punishment of that man, the man whom must die on our behalf, had to be is a sinless man. Jesus was the sinless man.

Jesus was not only fully man, he was fully God, as part of the trinity. Because of this, his death was able to redeem not just one man, but all mankind. He suffered an excruciating literal death, on our behalf. He paid the debt of all those who would call upon his name, repent of their sins, and become his follower. No sin is too great, except denial, the rejection of him as savior.

In Jesus’ time on earth, there were many who though they were sinless or good enough in keeping the law and the commandments that they did not need a savoir. Jesus called them deceived. John 1:8, & Romans 3:23 To this day there are those that believe that if the good they do outweighs the sin in their hearts that they will be saved. Jesus was clear that only through him is there salvation. John 14:6

The proof of Jesus power to save is in the strength of the miracles he preformed in his life on Earth, and most pointedly in his resurrection conquering death. In the days and weeks after his resurrection he was seen by more than 500 people. He was deliberate to tell them the meaning of his resurrection. Mark 28:16-20

For one of his beloved disciples (Thomas) who was not with the other disciples when Jesus he first appeared to them, Jesus came back, just for Thomas. Is it hard to believe sometimes? Of course, Jesus would not have come back just to visit with Thomas if he did not understand that.

Yes, the story is spectacular. To believe that God loves humanity so much, as to sacrifices his son, so that there might be a pathway to forgiveness, is truly extraordinary.

Study Programs

Study Programs

We offer a variety of programs and opportunities for study, fellowship and service to others.

Mission & Outreach

Mission & Outreach

Our Mission and Outreach ministry is divided among three areas: international, national and local.

Youth Ministry

Youth & Children

Teaching our children the ways of Christ is the foundation for shaping the world and future generations.


Worship Services

Worship Services

In our church, both traditional and informal worship models are presented in various services.


Pastor Natalie

Pastor Natalie

"I love worship! You go through seasons together and share life experiences. It's wonderful!"


Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

We have an awesome team dedicated to the development of Christ First UMC in Jamestown.



Mind, Soul, Heart & Strength


Welcome to Christ First in Jamestown, NY

Our Mission

At Christ First, we seek to grow…

  • In knowing Jesus,
  • In praising God,
  • In loving each other,
  • With our neighbors,
  • To heal the world.

Who We Are

We are a community of ordinary people who discover extraordinary blessings as we follow Christ together. We want to share the joy of it with everyone!


“You shall love the Lord your God with all you heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” This is the greatest and the first commandment,
and a second is like it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


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