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Tuesday, 06 October 2015

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Epiphany 1The Epiphany, is celebrated on the Sunday after Jan 6th, the Twelfth day after Christmas. However, it is actually a season that extends from that date, to ash Wednesday (the beginning of lent). The Epiphany season is a celebration of the discovery of something profound, in the observation of something ordinary.

The word epiphany means appearance or manifestation. Popular usage likens epiphany to words such as eureka or aha! Use of this word by some English speakers conjures images of having a light bulb turned on, or of being able to see something that was once hidden from view. Many of us were introduced to Epiphany through the familiar silhouetted-image of Three Wise Men bearing gifts as they followed the Great Star by night. In some cultures, Epiphany is known as the Day of the Kings.

Epiphany should also be the recognition that the sharing of the Good News and tending of the flock requires:Epiphany 2

  • • Faith;
  • • a willingness to be open to the truth;
  • • may require a long Journey;
  • • requires resources and provisions,

This is as true today as it was over 2000 years ago as the Maji came to witness, and give what that had to support a New Kingdom on Earth.

The actual discovery of who Jesus was and what he means to the world began that day, and continues to this day. Just as the discovery of who Jesus was did not end with the Wisemen, and the shepards, it should not end with us. This is a season of growth of understanding, there are several special classes in addition to our regular Sunday School classes. Contact Pastor Natalie for times and location of these special classes.

Important Announcement

October 2015 Newsletter

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Study Programs

Study Programs

We offer a variety of programs and opportunities for study, fellowship and service to others.

Mission & Outreach

Mission & Outreach

Our Mission and Outreach ministry is divided among three areas: international, national and local.

Youth Ministry

Youth & Children

Teaching our children the ways of Christ is the foundation for shaping the world and future generations.


Worship Services

Worship Services

In our church, both traditional and informal worship models are presented in various services.


Pastor Natalie

Pastor Natalie

"I love worship! You go through seasons together and share life experiences. It's wonderful!"


Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

We have an awesome team dedicated to the development of Christ First UMC in Jamestown.



Mind, Soul, Heart & Strength


Welcome to Christ First in Jamestown, NY

Our Mission

At Christ First, we seek to grow…

  • In knowing Jesus,
  • In praising God,
  • In loving each other,
  • With our neighbors,
  • To heal the world.

Who We Are

We are a community of ordinary people who discover extraordinary blessings as we follow Christ together. We want to share the joy of it with everyone!


“You shall love the Lord your God with all you heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” This is the greatest and the first commandment,
and a second is like it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”


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